Bring Back the Brilliance and Beauty of your Jewellery.

Jewellery Cleaning

Give gold back its gleam, silver its shine and gems their glorious glint; create a cleaning routine for your treasured possessions.

Exposure to dirt, dust, soaps and sanitiser can dull natural stones and metals, leaving them looking lifeless. To ensure your jewellery sparkles and shines like new, pieces should be regularly cleaned.

How to Clean your Jewellery

If you don’t have silver or gold polish to hand and you need to clean some jewellery quickly, try using washing up liquid. Mix a few drops of dish soap with warm water, dip a soft cloth in the solution and wash the jewellery. For plated jewellery, avoid excessive rubbing to keep from wearing away the finish. Rinse with clean water and dry. This type of care is not a long term treatment as this won’t prevent tarnish from returning.

Invest in a Good Jewellery Cleaner

The most effective method of cleaning tarnished jewellery and preventing the tarnish from swiftly returning is with a good jewellery cleaner.

At Ashley Adams we use Town Talk cleaning products. Town Talk was established in 1895 and have been developing their products for over 125 years!

In the late 19th century an innovative gentleman developed various methods of cleaning Victorian silverware, including a cloth infused with silver polishing liquid. This, with its simple usability and effective anti-tarnish results, became the ‘talk of the town’. The Town Talk Polish Company was founded and over a century later the cloths are still considered by professionals to be the finest available.

Town Talk pride themselves on their unique formula, their sustainability and their passion for all things sparkly.  You can purchase Town Talk’s high-quality cleaning products from us, including their silver and gold cloths.

Silver Rinse – £11.00
Silver Foam – £10.00
Silver Sparkle – £7.00
Jewel Sparkle Wand – £10.00
Pearl Spray – £7.00
Silver/Gold Cloth – £7.00
Silver/ Gold Cloth Small – £1.65

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